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Hand-wash monitoring

Sanit-Eyes uses patent pending technology
to identify compliant and non-compliant
hand washes and generate valuable statistics

Why Sanit-Eyes?

Hand sanitation Audit

The failure of hand sanitation is universally recognized as the leading cause of healthcare induced and foodborne illness transmission. With new technology we have developed a system - Sanit-Eyes - that allows those interested in insuring compliance with hand sanitation to avoid the costs of noncompliance.  


  • Our system is the only monitoring system that creates a visual record of each hand washing for potential management or supervisor review and creates a statistical record of overall compliance.
  • Allows continuous monitoring of wash stations from remote and local web views giving a central comparison across shifts and locations.
  • Our system promotes compliance as each hand sanitation event is potentially under review. The Hawthorne effect describes performance improvement under observation.
  • This is the only system that detects other non-compliant uses of a wash station.
  • Employees can be shown performance to counsel improvement.
  • The system is economical, easily installed with no modifications to existing equipment and easily moved.



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Intuitive Web interface

An understanding of your hand sanitation compliance can be obtained by viewing a monthly , weekly, daily or custom summary of performance displaying total number events, duration of events, percent compliant events or percent noncompliance events. Within any category the individual events can be segregated and videos of these events reviewed.

Detailed Statistics

Sanit-Eyes gathers statistics of hand sanitation compliance and allows you to find problem areas at-a-glance so that addressing them is quick and simple.

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How does it work?

Cutting Edge Hardware

  • Unlike other solutions,  Sanit-Eyes offers minimal hardware with no modifications to existing equipment.
  • Sanit-Eyes is not bulky. Hardware is unintrusive, sophisticated and powerful.
  • A base Sanit-Eyes unit comes with a small, high quality camera to be placed in the vicinity of the wash station and a small control module. Thats it!
  • Sanit-Eyes works for you! It is always monitoring and keeping tabs on hand sanitation compliance so you don't have to!
  • Sanit-Eyes is easy to set up, no messy wiring or bulky installation. The wash station monitor comes with a single Power Over Ethernet connection, meaning the data and power all travel through one cable.


Introductory Special.
The hardware and access to the web-enabled web site is $50/month with a three month contract.
Installation in most areas is $100.

For any inquiries, contact:
Joseph Dryer,
Breakaway Systems

Breakaway Systems LLC - inquiry@breakawaysystems.com